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Government Of Assam Dibrugarh District

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Sericulture is an agro based labour intensive industry providing gainful employment mostly for rural people. Sericulture comprises cultivation of four varieties of silkworm mainly Mulberry, Eri, Muga and Tassar. Sericulture is an important cottage industry which plays a dominant role in rural economy. It provides jobs and income resources for rapidly increasing population engaged in farming as well as to unemployed youths and women belonging to rural and tribal sectors. This industry also provides opportunities for earning additional income during off-season of crops, i.e., when the farmers remain almost free from agricultural activities.

Silk and its culture in Assam is not only a culture but a tradition, not a history but a way of life fitted to the socio-economic structure of the society, a rich heritage which leads the state to a legend in the world silk history. Though all the four major varieties of silkworm are reared in Assam, among them in Dibrugarh district Muga, Eri and Mulberry varieties are cultivated.


Type of Silk

Scientific name and family

Primary Host Plant


Mulberry silk ( White or creamy colour)

Bombyx mori(Bombycidae)

Mulberry plant

(Morus alba

M. indica

M. serrata

M. latifolia)


Eri Silk (White in colour)

Samia ricini (Saturniidae)


(Ricinus communis)


(Heteropanax fragrans)


Muga Silk ( Golden yellow colour)

Antheraea assama


Som ( Persia bombycina)

Sualu ( Litsea polyantha)