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Government Of Assam Dibrugarh District


The anti- erosion work at Rohmoria was taken up by Dibrugarh WR division in December , 2010 under Flood Management Programme and was completed successfully within March , 2012 that was aimed to protect the Dibrugarh town and its adjoining areas from grip of the constant erosion occurring due to the river Brahmaputra . The problem of erosion at Rohmoria area which started long back had been a chronic and serious one as the erosion gave rise to a perilous situation jeopardising the safety of a vast nearby area. Considering the severity and acuteness of the problem the above mentioned protection work with geobags was taken up at Rohmoria for a length of 2.6 km. The work has been functioning very well since then till date and no erosion at this reach has been observed since its implementation.


The significant achievement attained due to implementation of the work can be summarised as given below with respect to the following criteria and viewpoints along with the comparison of facts and situations that prevailed in days prior to implementation of the scheme between 2001 and 2010 when the pace of erosion was maximum and changes that took place in the post - implementation period.

1.   Visibility:

2001-2011: The main channel of the river Brahmaputra had a tendency to shift southwards and as a consequence erosion continued unabated during this period,  engulfing huge land masses in Rohmoria area,  causing great threat to a huge area comprising of numbers of tea gardens, villages, paddy fields, important private and public establishments, homestead lands including Dibrugarh town as well.

2012-2018: The geobag revetment and apron works done for a length of 2.6 km length along with pro- siltation measures by using RCC porcupine screens  have been performing satisfactorily since implementation and have been able to thwart the force of erosion here. It is seen now that siltation has occurred over the revetment and the main flow has been diverted away from the bank towards midstream.

2.   Impact in society:

2001-2011: The erosion caused havoc in the affected reach rendering people homeless and huge losses were incurred in terms of life and properties. Around 30 (Thirty) nos. since eighties of nearby villages had fallen under clutches of erosion that wiped out valuable cultivable lands and as a result the economy of the area got badly damaged. The socio - economic condition of the people whose livelihood mainly depends upon agriculture deteriorated.

2012-2018: People are no more under constant threat and fear of losing their homes and land under grip of erosion. Their economic condition has improved as business, farming and commercial activities are now speeding up without any hindrance due to erosion and the necessary peaceful ambience for educational institutions has been restored too.

3.   Popularity:

2001-2011: The dent in economic condition of the people of the area caused by the erosion led to frustration among local youths. There were heavy protests from local people and student unions demanding remedial measures against erosion.

2012-2018: Implementation of the scheme has given peace and relief to the minds of the people who were under constant fear of erosion and losing their livelihood. Thus they live in solitude today as life is back to normalcy once again and they now enjoy the benefits of the scheme that brought a welcome change to them for better life and stability.

Based on the popularity and success of the scheme, another scheme of similar nature namely “Construction of Revetment and Geo Bag apron in Mothalla – Oakland bank protection work along the Brahmaputra river, Dibrugarh” at downstream of Rohmoria was taken up.

4.   Benefits:

2001-2011: The period since erosion started in Rohmoria area till the time of implementation of the scheme saw tremendous losses as 403 hectares of land fell prey to erosion within this period.

2012-2018: The area benefitted due to implementation of the scheme is 36,000 hectares of land consisting of 35 (Thirty Five) nos. of nearby villages.

5.     Quantifiable:

2001-2011: The extent of erosion in Rohmoria area was of 9 km length which was unprotected.

2012-2018:  This work of geobag protection work was taken up on emergency basis for a reach of 2.6km only out of the entire affected reach of 9 km length for an amount of Rs 59.8165 Crores. There was provision of geo bag revetment and apron in the scheme.