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Government Of Assam Dibrugarh District

Brief History





1. The employment service is in the concurrent list of the constitution of India. The Policies standards & procedures are entrusted to the government to control day to day functioning of the Employment exchanges ( Compulsory notification of vacancies) act 1959 and came to force w.e.f 1st may 1960. The duties  and functions of  officers at different levels instructions and registrations of local people of the state Govt. Schemes and timely submissions of different returns guidelines on vocational guidance recruitment of vacancies,reservations of vacancies for SC,ST,OBC,MOBC,P/H.Collection of occupation and employees data both public and private sector establishments and local bodies and many other miscellaneous matter which are required for day to day functioning of the Employment Exchange.


Particulars of Organization function and duties.

Objective purpose of the public authority:- The main objective/purpose of District Employment Exchange, Dibrugarh is normally constitute basic unit of implementing  and coordinating all programmers of unemployment advice employment market information. Surveyors and studies in the district as per provisions of the Act 1959 all establishments in the public sector and private sector  where 25 or more persons working in the private sector are to be notified their vacancies in prescribed form to the local Employment Exchange. A person who having voluntary registered at an Employment Exchange is eligible for employment and other assistance with prescribed procedure.


Brief History of the public authority and context of its formations:-

Originaly the Employment Service come to existence in India under the stress of post war demobilization towards the end of the second world war the need of machinery which could handle orderly re-absorption of the civil of a large number of service personnel and workers who were about to be released as keenly failed having regards to the complexity of the problems and other to ensure informally in policies and effective coordination of efforts it was considered necessary that the proposed machinery be directed and controlled by Central Govt. In accordance with the scheme that was agreed upon by the Central and State Govt. The Directorate  General of Employment was set up in July 1945 and Employment Exchange were gradually open several parts of the country.