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Government Of Assam Dibrugarh District

Clinical Establishment Act

Clinical Establishments Act, 2010
( A tool to improve healthcare)

view to prescribe minimum standards of facilities and services so that mandate of article 47 can be fulfilled

  • Act passed by Parliament : 17th August 2010
  • Act Notified on 1st March, 2012
  • National Council notified: 19th March, 2012 

          Central Rules notified : 23rd May, 2012


Definition : Clinical Establishment

  1. a hospital, maternity home, nursing home, dispensary, clinic, sanatorium or an institution that offers services, facilities requiring diagnosis, treatment or care for illness, injury, deformity, abnormality or pregnancy in any recognized system of medicine; or

(ii)    a place established as an independent entity or part of an establishment in connection with the diagnosis or treatment of    diseases where pathological, bacteriological, genetic, radiological, chemical, biological investigations or other        diagnostic or investigative services with the aid of laboratory         or other medical equipment, are usually carried onand shall include a clinical establishment owned, controlled or managed by

  1. Government or a department of the Government;
  2. a trust, whether public or private;
  3. a corporation (including a society) registered under a Central, Provincial or State Act, whether or not owned by the Government;
  4.  a local authority; and a single doctor


GOI Recognized Systems of Medicine












Sowa Rigpa


Salient Features of Act and CG Rules

  • Coverage All types of clinical establishments 
    • Therapeutic & diagnostic
    • Big/Small hospitals & single doctor clinics
    • Allopathic and AYUSH
    • Public and private.

(exception: establishments of the Armed Forces)


Provisional Registration  (No enquiry) for one year at a time

  • Permanent registration  for five year at a time
  • No one can run a clinical establishment without registration With in one year  from commencement of Act; everybody has to apply
    • Provisional certificate shall not be renewed beyond a period of two years from the date of notification of standards for establishments in existence before commencement of the Act
  • National Council for clinical establishments through multi stakeholder participation and consultative process to classify clinical establishments into different categories and determine minimum standards and their periodic review, determine the statistics to be collected and compile and publish national register


Permanent Registration

Permanent registration to be granted only when a clinical establishment fulfills the prescribed minimum standards and submits evidence

Norms required to be met prior to Permanent registration

(a) minimum standards of facilities and services; and

(b) minimum qualifications for the personnel.

(c) Provision and maintenance of records and reports

(d) Any other condition that may be prescribed


Registration: Other conditions (CG rules)

  • Every clinical establishment to provide treatment “with in the staff and facilities available” to stabilize the emergency medical condition.
  • Details of charges, facilities available to be prominently displayed at a conspicuous place
  • Electronic medical records and EHR
  • Clinical Establishments shall charge the rates for procedures and services with in the range of rates determined by the Central Government from time to time in consultation with the State Governments.
  • Compliance to Standard Treatment guidelines as may be issued by Central/State Govt. to be ensured by CEs.


Implementation is by State Govt.

  • District level: by District Registering Authority (DRA)
  • State level: State Council for Clinc. Establish.


DRA Chairman: Deputy Commissioner, Dibrugarh

Convener:  Jt. Director of Health Services,

3 members: to be nominated by DM

  1. Addl. Supdt. of Police, Dibrugarh
  2. Sri Dipu Deka, Addl. Deputy Commissioner
  3. Dr. Khagen Sonowal, Sr. Medical Officer


Powers  & Responsibilities: DRA

  • Grant/Renew provisional (with in 10 d)/permanent registration 
  • Publish
  1. List of PROVISINALLY REGISTERED (with in 45 days after grant),
  2. CEs who submit evidence for permanent registration and invite objections if any(30 days),
  • May Issue a notice to CE to show cause with in 3 months, if condition of registration not met
  • To enter and search unregistered CE (after due notice) May carry out inspection and inquiry of registered CEs through multimember inspection team– Inform the deficiency and actions to be taken by CE
  • May Cancel registration (after giving reasonable opportunity) and giving reasons
  • Immediately restrain  CE if imminent danger
  • Impose and Recover penalties
  • Maintain District register of CEs



  • Only Monetary… No imprisonment
  • Penalty for running CE without registration
  • First contravention - up to Fifty thousand rupees
  • Second contravention – up to Two lakh rupees
  • Any subsequent contravention -may extend to five lakh rupees.
  • Who serves in a unregistered CE: up to 25000 rupees
  • Penalty for contravention of any other provision of Act 
  • First contravention - up to Ten thousand rupees
  • Second contravention – up to Ten thousand rupees
  • Any subsequent contravention -may extend to five lakh rupees.





Nursing Homes


Single Practitioner/ Dental Clinic/ Polyclinic




Laboratory with Imaging Centre


Single Practitioner/ Polyclinic with Laboratory & Imaging Centre