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Government Of Assam Dibrugarh District

Functions of District Industries Centre (DI&CC)

i.  Acts as the focal point of the industrialization of the district.
ii. Opportunity guidance to entrepreneurs. 
iii.Compilation of information about local sources of raw materials and their availability.
iv. Provides information about various government schemes, subsidies, grants and assistance available from the other corporations set up for promotion of industries.
v.  Acknowledgement of Entrepreneur’s memorandum.
vi. Advices the entrepreneurs on investments.
vii.Acts as a link between the entrepreneurs and Financial Institutions of the district.
viii. Implements government sponsored schemes for educated unemployed people like PMEGP , SAROTHI , SVAYEM and any other scheme which are likely to come.
ix.Helps entrepreneurs in obtaining licenses from the Electricity Board, Water Supply Board, No Objection Certificates etc.