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Government Of Assam Dibrugarh District

Services of NIC

NIC is a part of the Indian Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology's Department of Electronics & Information Technology and is headquartered in New Delhi. It has offices in all 29 state capitals and 7 union-territory headquarters and almost all districts. At New Delhi Headquarters, Mean Head a large number of Application Divisions exist which provide total Informatics Support to the Ministries and Departments of the Central Government. To cater to the ICT needs at the grassroots level, the NIC has also opened offices in almost all district collectorates. NIC Extends Technical Coordination and IT support to District Administration.

NIC computer cells are located in almost all Ministry bhawans (buildings) of the central government and Apex offices including the Indian Prime Minister’s office, the Indian Presidential Palace (Rashtrapati Bhavan) and India's Parliament House (Sansad Bhavan). It also provides support to grassroot-level administration.

The NIC offers a host of services that includes:


The District Administration connects with the digital world through NIC network NICNET which has been availing 24*7 network connectivity throughout the entire district offices. The NICNET has been and is the only government backbone for data sharing for the Assam Goverment.

2. NIC VC :

NIC provides videoconferencing(VC) facility to all leves of the State Government administrative heirarchy right from the office of the Hon'ble Chief Minister to the Panchayat officials. Not only this, but NIC also allows Videoconferencing with all levels of the Central Government as well as officials of other state governments.

3. Integrated Land Records Management system(ILRMS) :

ILRMS provided by NIC is a computerized all land records and associated systems to provide interconnectivity among the Revenue Circle, Sub-registrar, Deputy Commissioners' offices and the Directorate of land Records and ensuring that all the processes for the transfer and registration of land and updation of land records, like, Mutation, partition, Conversion, and Reclassification, and land revenue collection are handled online and people will have access to the land records online. It operates through a five module software application:

    a. e-panjeeyan : for online registration of property.

    b. Dharitree : for online updating of land records.

    c. Bhunaksha : for online cadastral mapping.

    d. Noc for Transfer : for online issue of NoC for transfer of immovable property.

    e. Collection of Land Revenue : for online collection of land revenue by Mouzadars.

4. Vahan & Sarathi

These two online applications developed and maintained by NIC are being used by the all District Transport Offices( DTOs) of Assam to :

    a. Process and issue All Learner Licenses, Driving Licenses, Registration Certificates, Fitness Certificates and Permits.

    b. Collect taxes and fees.

    c. Enable registration of both private and commercial vehicles at dealerships with online payment of taxes and fees.

    d. enable online application by citizens 




Services of NIC